November 2017 Transition Woodbridge with sponsorship from Greg and Anna Davis created Chapel Green - on the corner of Chapel Street/New Street - a wildlife nature reserve with pollinator-friendly plants and insect-friendly wood and fir cones.    Greg and Anna were looking to commemorate their "wood" wedding anniversary with something a bit special and were happy to help us design this fantastic area.

November 2016 Transition Woodbridge planted 2 tubs and a bed in the Turban Centre with pollinator-friendly plants and continue to do so to this day. 

April 2015 Transition Woodbridge supported The Kew Garden project "Grow Wild" with planting of wildflower seeds at Budgens Car Park, Peter's Patch and Methodist Church.

March 2015 - Transition Woodbridge supported the Friends of the Earth Bee Cause, by increasing the quantity of bee friendly plants in Woodbridge/Melton in 3 locations:

Peter's Patch

Located in Ash Close, Woodbridge Peter's Patch is an area of wildflower planting for the pollinators.  This was originally cleared and planted by Transition Woodbridge and local residents in 2013 and has been maintained as a wildflower area since.

Tub at Methodist church

We have positioned a tub at the entrance to the Methodist Church which is maintained by Transition Woodbridge and churchgoers.  We are caring for the tubs and renewing the plants through the year to maintain a supply of flowers for pollinating insects.  If anyone has plants they can spare that would be suitable we'd be pleased to hear from them as we could probably find a space in a tub or in a wildflower area.

Seeds for pollinators sown at St Andrew's church 

On 1 April 2014, in beautiful spring sunshine Carol sowed seeds into the wildflower area behind St Andrew's church, Melton. The seeds had been kindly donated by Thompson and Morgan of Ipswich and were a selection that will hopefully grow into plants 'perfect for pollinators' such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies. The area was already looking lovely with primroses and cowslips planted by members of St Andrew’s church.

Tree 2 at St Andrew's church

Tree 2 at St Andrew's church

Previously in the 2013/14 winter we planted two apple trees, one a cooking variety grown from a tree in Battisford churchyard and the other a dessert apple called a 'Red Devil'. They should both grow into tall, traditional type trees. It's hoped that in the future they will produce plenty of fruit for the community to share and that the whole area will become a haven for both people and wildlife.

Aims of the project

To provide suitable wildflower planting around Woodbridge and Melton for all pollinators with particular emphasis on solitary and bumblebees whose habitats are threatened.

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