We were approached by Suffolk Coastal (who had heard about all our tree planting activities and our scattered community orchard), to plant some trees to replace the Canadian Maple lost at the new Deben Leisure Centre development, due to planning permission. We were really thrilled that they contacted us as we have lots of places we would like to plant trees in Woodbridge and Melton, but as a small community group we lack the funds and man power to plant the trees, put up protective cages and also water and maintain them for several years - which is integral to their survival. Suffolk Coastal have given us the money we needed to plant the 5 trees on Peterhouse Crescent.
Back in the summer we sent a leaflet around to all the local houses, asking them if they would be interested in trees on the green and if so, what trees would they like? The answer was absolutely yes and apples and pears were the most popular. The trees planted are all root stock and are a mixture of sturdy eaters and cookers. They are all 'earlies', so hopefully, any tempted little fingers early in the harvest season will be rewarded with lovely juicy fruit! 

We were also really pleased that the local school, Kyson Primary, was so excited about the idea and gave it their full support.
We were amazed last Saturday when 29 people turned out in the wet, cold and pretty miserable weather! But despite that, the effort made was fantastic and the 12 kids (all from the local Kyson school) were brilliant. They got stuck in, did most of the hard work digging and really helped out the Transition crew. They learnt not only valuable skills of how to plant a tree but also did some great team work, were fantastic at listening to instructions and were very muddy at the end of it. I hope they were all rewarded with a nice hot chocolate when they got home!
Transition Woodbridge are currently putting together a watering rota for the spring and summer for the next 3 years. Each tree needs 10l of water every week. If anyone would like to help us water, or join in watering any of our other trees (Melton Riverside, Bury Hill, Beresford Drive, Morley Avenue) please do email us on ttwoodbridge@gmail.com