Sunday 17th January 2016 saw a group of Woodbridge residents brave the elements to finish planting the scattered orchards at Beresford Drive,  Bury Hill and Melton Riverside.   Beresford Drive had the Norfolk Royal and Golden Noble to add to the Russet and Bountiful apples and Beurre Hardy Pear on the espalier train  These are interspersed with gooseberry bushes donated by High House Fruit Farm.   Many thanks to the AONB for their grant for the planting.  Bury Hill had a third cherry - a Cherry Napoleon - added to the site in addition to the Cherry Sunburst and Cherry Morello and the plum donated by Alan, a local resident.  Melton Riverside had a Sunrise apple added to Ros' donated Worcester Permain and Bramley apples.  It also had a donated grafted Baker's Delicious to add to the donated St Edmundsbury Pippin already in place last year.  Melton Riverside also boasts 5 plums and 5 pears.  Many thanks to Helen, Methodist Church men's group and the generous donations of the public at the Woodbridge Christmas Street Fair and Farmers Market for making all this possible.  A very big thanks to everyone who made it possible and helped with the planting.