Transition Woodbridge were invited to help create and establish a Forest Garden that is self-sustaining and will be maintained using permaculture techniques.  We cleared the area of debris so that we could start from scratch and especially so that we could promote soil sustainability paying particular attention to fungi within the soil cycle.  4 beds were created by turning over the existing soil, covering it with eggshell and cardboard, covering that with various manures and leaf mould to build up the beds.  We then dug trenches beside the beds filled with dead twigs, logs, leaves, so that rainwater runs down into the trench and creates a carbon sink to nourish the bed it is next to.  These sinks will feed the fruit trees and bushes planted in the beds together with other edible plants.  Our focus in planting was on forest planting and berries.  Fruit selected ranged from apples and gages to soft fruit such as blackberries, raspberries, honeyberries, jostaberries.  We have been able to take cuttings from the soft fruit for use around the scattered orchards in town eg at Morley Avenue and to create other permaculture forest gardens/areas in the future.


These projects are for the benefit of the community, the idea being that local people can join in and work together on a garden.  It also aims to educate the community on soil maintenance, planting in harmony and using permaculture principles.   For more details please email